Our team embodies a passion to draw on their fine-tuned skills in the industry to propel the development of young Australian talent

Aspire Entertainment are Australia's leading talent development group for children. We offer the exclusive opportunity to educate aspiring child and teen performers in every aspect of the exciting entertainment industry. Aspire Entertainment endeavours to cultivate the excitement evoked in children through television, print and the big screen by giving each child the opportunity to hone their ability as performers. We are committed to providing children with an engaging, creative learning experience which enables them to develop their talent, confidence and performance skills serving to benefit them personally and professionally within the entertainment industry. We know that participating in extracurricular activities play a vital role in the development of children and believe Aspire Entertainment classes give children a platform to explore their dreams, creative talents and develop invaluable, transferrable skills to benefit them well into the future.

Acting & Audition Skills for Film & TV
Catwalk and Camera Ready
Confident Castings for Juniors
Confident Catwalk for Juniors

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Aspire Entertainment strives to nurture the excitement and opportunity that booming TV shows such as The Voice, Australia's Got Talent, X-Factor and Australian Idol promote to children across the country.

Aspire Entertainment strives to nurture the excitement and opportunity that booming TV shows such as The Voice, Australia's Got Talent, X-Factor and Australian Idol promote to children across the country. The huge success Australian performers have found abroad has largely been attributed to our work ethic, fresh approach, talent and down to earth nature. At Aspire Entertainment we are committed to growing Australian talent and watching each student shine. Aspire Entertainment combines the experience of acclaimed international success with the drive to provide a wealth of fruitful opportunities for both child performers, and beginners.

Our courses focus on enhancing and developing core skills in drama, acting, modelling, dance and performance. All courses on offer will assist in expressing and developing your child's creativity and natural ability whilst building their confidence, teamwork and independence to provide them with skill sets to last a lifetime. Participation in the performing arts provides children with great enjoyment and a sense of achievement whilst learning new skills and making new friends.

Working with our industry professionals, each class is tailored to a specific age group with a limited number of students. The intimacy of this atmosphere ensures that all potential ability will be harnessed in an encouraging and inspiring environment.

Our weekly classes operate throughout venues in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Our Difference

The learning and teaching methods of Aspire Entertainment transcend its predecessors with notable differences to our program including:

  • Celebrity visits and special appearances
  • Exposure to International opportunities and networks
  • Classes designed by the Creator and Director of Hollywood Immersive & delivered by industry leading professionals
  • Focus on long term education within the industry
  • Small and intimate classes
  • The opportunity to join the program at the start of the term
  • Individualised termly reports
  • The opportunity to secure a sponsored position with national talent agency Bettina Management

Most significantly, Aspire Entertainment recognises the importance of maintaining strong ties with current international trends; this invaluable exposure and insight through our educational platform will increase the children's understanding of the global industry and what it takes to be successful within Australia and abroad. Children will also have the opportunity to experience excursions to Los Angeles in the school holidays to feel the exhilaration of meeting and learning from industry experts.




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