Frequently Asked Questions

Children can benefit socially, emotionally and psychologically from
participating and learning in our supportive, creative environment.

What are the fees?

Orientation for Little Stars (4-6 years) is $25

Confident Castings for Juniors (7-9 years) is $75

Confident Catwalk for Juniors (7-9 years) is $75

Camera and Catwalk Confidence (10 - 12 years) is $100

Acting and Audition Skills for Film and TV (10-12 years) is $100

Acting and Audition Skills for Film and TV (13-16 years) is $125

Camera and Catwalk Confidence (13 - 16 years) is $195

How many students are in each workshop?

Our workshop sizes are capped at 15 students with one tutor and one assistant per class. The smaller class size allows our teachers to offer individual attention and focus to ensure students are achieving their personal best with appropriate recognition.

How long do the workshops run for?

Times vary according to class. They run as follows:

  • Orientation for Little Stars: 1 hour
  • Confident Castings for Junior: 2 hours
  • Confident Catwalk for Juniors: 2 hours
  • Camera and Catwalk Confidence (10-12 years): 2 hours
  • Acting and Audition Skills for Film and TV: 3 hours
  • Camera and Catwalk Confidence (13-16 years): 6 hour with lunch included
Are parents allowed to watch the class?

We have found that the presence of parents can at times, be distracting for the students involved in the class and can contribute to the prevention of participating to the best of their ability. As a result, we kindly ask that parents sign in and drop off their child and then pick up and sign them out at the end of the class. Parents have the opportunity to see their child’s acquired skills at parent class towards the end of the term. Should any concerns or queries arise about a student’s progress or behaviour, please feel free to call the office or speak to the relevant teacher after class. 

What age can my child start attending Aspire Entertainment?

Children can start attending Aspire Entertainment from the age of 3 years.

We have 2 or more children in our family that would like to enrol. Do you offer sibling discounts?

No, unfortunately we do not offer a sibling discount due to our relatively small class ratios.

Do the students need to bring anything to the workshop?

No, students do not need to bring anything to class unless advised by their teacher. However, we recommend that they are dressed in something comfortable with easy movement and to perhaps bring a water bottle if needed. 

Does my child need any experience in the industry?

Our classes are suitable for beginners and experienced children alike.

Do you offer a refund?

Unfortunately we do not offer refunds for workshops but we are more than happy to reschedule in the event of your child not being able to attend the date originally booked. 

What do I do if my child will be absent?

Ensure that you call 1300 658 016 to notify if your child cannot make it and we can reschedule for a later date.  

Acting & Audition Skills for Film & TV
Catwalk and Camera Ready
Confident Castings for Juniors
Confident Catwalk for Juniors
Orientation for Little Stars

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