• Rebecca Keith

What Is The Purpose Of Baby Model Searches?

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Since their conception, Facebook and Instagram Model and Baby searches have become more prominent as the years go on; with what feels like every brand running a brand model search or model competition at some point.

Even though this marketing tactic is quite common nowadays, one of the most well-known and longest-running baby searches is the Bonds Baby Search. The Bonds Baby Search is extremely well-known and seen as a more prestigious baby search because of the success of Bonds as a brand. Many parents would kill to have their child posted on one of their social media platforms.

However, as most boutique brands are now launching their own Brand Model Searches, Bonds have had to adapt and innovate in order to keep their search as prominent as ever.

Here is where it gets interesting, over the past two years Bonds have completely changed the format of their searches and now they no longer mirror their original searches.

The winners of their baby ‘search’ no longer get shared on their platforms, or star in any of their advertising, at this point it’s just a competition rather than a search. So what keeps bringing people back? It has to be the major prize pool because exposure or a modelling job for your child is no longer a part of the deal.

In 2020, they added two new categories to their Search, which were Bump and Pets.

Considering their side brand Bonds, Bump & Baby, Bump seemed like a natural progression, however pets definitely seemed like a stretch, yet it was widely well-received.

However, in 2021, their Baby ‘Search’, was named the ‘Every Baby, Baby Search’. They launched 21 new not-so-cute categories, as a way to include diversity and differentiation into the market. So, is this new addition of 21 categories over the Baby, Bump, and Pets sections, the company’s way of avoiding any kind of backlash for choosing one winner for each category and then posting them to their socials?

It is likely that bigger companies would move away from the traditional search style because many boutique brands are now holding their own brand ambassador searches as a way of getting some quick marketing and free models, a questionable strategy to use and borderline ethically murky.

So, the way to avoid any slight PR mishaps is to have a category for everyone. So, do you still like the idea of submitting your little ones into brand or model searches, and why? Is it for the exposure, or are prizes a better way to go about it?


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