• Kara Oakes

Casting Call: Your Guide to Castings and Auditions

Attending your first casting or audition can be an incredibly exciting experience for both children and parents. A casting or audition is a way for clients to see more of your child, their skills and abilities in person, rather than booking them based on just images.

Your agent will always give you every detail about your casting or audition, such as an address, contact details, potential role, and any other useful information such as scripts or wardrobe requirements. As is the nature of the industry, notice for castings can often be very last minute with agents sometimes only receiving 24 hours notice. So be prepared for the fast pace and last-minute nature of the entertainment industry.

Once your agent has confirmed all the details of your casting or audition, the rest is up to you. One of the most important things you can do is be on time! Punctuality is key in the entertainment industry, so always aim to arrive about 5 minutes early, no earlier as this can be inconvenient for the casting team. Manners can also go a long way, so let your child know to be on their best behaviour, remind them to introduce themselves and be polite to any people they meet.

Being prepared and confident is one of the best attitudes your child could bring to an audition. Casting agents will look for bright, fun, happy kids, who are easy to interact with and are comfortable meeting new people and being in new environments. Assuring your child that they will do well and helping them prepare the day before will be incredibly beneficial to their casting or audition process. If there is a script, go through it with them and make sure they’re comfortable reading it out loud, or practise at home or on the way and pretend you are a casting agent; ask them their name, age, agent, and what role they are auditioning for!

One last thing to consider is what to dress your child in. Unless wardrobe requirements are specified, it's best to dress your child in smart, casual clothing. If you are coming straight from school, bring along a change of clothes so your child can look neat and presentable on arrival, never let your child wear their school uniform. A neat and tidy appearance is always sure to impress.

The key points here to remember are punctuality, manners, preparation, and appearance. Whichever way the casting or audition goes, it is still a fantastic experience and can pave the way for many more opportunities and a bright future for your little star.


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