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Egg-cellent Easter Guide; Your Last-Minute Gift Ideas

This year has already flown by, and now Easter time is right around the corner. Easter is a great time to celebrate and see family, or if you don’t celebrate this particular holiday, it is the perfect time to enjoy some public holidays and whatever the Easter bunny brings you. So, just in case you have forgotten, or just haven’t yet had the time, here are the best last-minute gift ideas for little ones of all ages. Pyjamas As winter gets closer, we begin to feel that chill of a night-time. So, warm pyjamas are the perfect gift for a kid of any age. At the moment Peter Alexander has a gorgeous Peter Rabbit collection that adds an amazing touch of Easter to a new set of Pj’s. These cute Pj options also include slippers, PJ sets and a nightie. Books There are so many great books around that your kids will love. But if you want to add a little something extra to your kid's Easter baskets, then Easter books are the answer. Educational, fun and interactive. You can easily find a great range of easter books at Target, including the popular Bluey Easter and We’re Going on an Egg Hunt. Crafts If your little one is less of a reader and more into arts and crafts, then a Paint Your Own Eggs kit is a great gift idea. This will give your kids endless hours of fun and creativity, the perfect activity for the school holidays. You can find kits almost everywhere from Big W, Target and Riot Arts & Crafts store. Play Lastly, if you are after something your kid normally enjoys but you just want an Easter twist, then something such as a Lego Easter Bunny kit could be perfect, as long as your child is old enough. Lego is always fun for older kids, so if you want to build a gorgeous Easter set-up then this is a great gift. No matter whether you are getting your little one’s chocolate, or Pj’s this Easter, this isn’t the most important part! It is also a time to rest and enjoy some time with your kids and family. Happy Easter to all those who celebrate!

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