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Future Fashionistas

A couple of decades ago the choice was simple – Blue clothes if you had a boy, and pink if you had a girl – easy, right?

Well, as we entered into the new millennium and ever since, children’s clothing has been adapting and changing just as much as adult fashion has. These days our children have endless options for what to wear and now parents can dress their children like the future fashionistas they are.

Just as the future bankers, politicians and nurses are all children of today, our future designers, models and stylists are as well. Many of the big changes within society have also brought about changes in fashion. While children’s fashion was originally focused around girls’ clothing, one of the most prominent developments over the last two decades is the growth in stylish clothing options for boys; a welcomed development for the stylish parents of young boys. However, many more trends have come and gone, with some definitely more significant than others.

Neutral colours, linen, designer labels and gender-neutral styles are just some of the recent trends being brought into our mini’s fashion choices. However, how does this, in turn, change their views on fashion, and turn them into the uber stylish members of the future fashion community?

Developments in fashion such as gender-neutral clothing has opened up a whole window of opportunity for how you can dress your child, and the options brands will deliver. It makes styles more accessible to everyone, and it also teaches the kids to express themselves in whatever clothes they feel comfortable. By the time these future fashionistas are running Vogue, gender-neutral clothing will be the norm.

The increasing amount of high-end and designer options for children has also expanded over the last two decades, allowing those who have access, the ultimate status symbol for their little ones. However, in recent years, many laid back parents living in wealthier beach suburbs instead chose to embrace the beige and white linen trend that we originally saw earlier in 2019, which is also likely to appear as part of summer collections for 2020/21.

While neutral colours such as beige and white were key a few seasons back, the beginning of Summer 2020/21 releases are showcasing a large number of pastel and bright coloured patterns. Florals and stripes are being seen prominently throughout high-end label releases, and also a large focus on sets. As we enter into the summer months and more children’s collections are released, what styles will you include in your future fashionistas wardrobe?

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