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It’s All Online

Are Online Drama and Modeling Classes Worth It?

Most of us spent the majority of our childhoods being told to go and play outside, and if we had access to any sort of technology, we were often told to get off it as a result. However, for Gen Z and the newest generation of young people, Generation Alpha, they are instead being told to come inside and use the technology available to them to play. This is essentially a result of the pandemic, and we are sure that their parents would much rather be able to tell them to go and play in the street with their friends. Now that everything's online, should we be taking advantage of the opportunities in the online world? When we look at the modelling and entertainment industry, many of the children involved in the industry have at one point attended a class or workshop to help improve the skills needed to succeed in the industry. So, what are you meant to do now if you can’t do that? The answer is online classes. However, we can’t guarantee that it will be worth it or replicate an in-person experience. When looking at the costs vs the benefits and the opportunities that an online acting or modelling class can have, it all depends on the source. You want to be looking for a reputable company or individual who has had vast amounts of experience in that particular area. Not everyone can teach a class like this. Often you want the teacher to have years of experience in the industry but years doing the specific job that your child wants to learn about. There is no point in having a class run by a talent agent unless that agent has previously spent years working in the industry. Secondly, the costs of the class must be in line with the person running the class, what their experience is worth, and what your child will get out of a class. The cost must align with the ultimate benefit. This is where online and zoom classes can become a grey area. A lot of acting and modelling involves using body language and teaching your children to pose, make certain facial expressions, read lines and act out parts, things that need to be or should be done in person. This is mainly because your child will get more out of an in-person class than out of an online class. So, then what are the real benefits of online classes? In the industry currently, video auditions are so common they are almost replacing in-person castings. So online classes can allow the kids to get used to the format they might have to audition in the future. It teaches them how they can get their emotions and confidence projected through a screen. However, most other aspects of a class should be undertaken as an in-person experience. Another benefit of doing classes is that a ‘live’ in the moment performance in front of peers, helps kids to lose that layer of nervousness and practice, ready for when they do an online audition. This way, the child can reap the utmost benefits.

During the pandemic, there were an array of people trying to jump on board and host online acting and modelling classes, mainly as a quick cash grab during a hard time. However, it is likely that these classes don’t actually provide a benefit equal to the cost. Be careful when selecting classes for your child to take. You want to ensure the costs and benefits align while ensuring it is being held by a reputable individual or business. Classes are a great way to help your child feel more comfortable, but you don’t want to waste your money, so keep your eyes peeled for in-person classes becoming available again as restrictions across the country ease. We are sure that the kids are just as excited as you are to do something fun again!

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