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Mini Me

Fashion trends come and go, but one trend that seems to be here to stay is mini-me fashion. What had been around in other parts of the world for years, really gained traction in the western world in 2016 when Kim Kardashian stepped out with daughter North in matching silver Vetements dresses. The internet went wild, and designers everywhere were scrambling to cash in on this next pint-sized trend.

Celebrities, influencers, and ‘Mummy-bloggers’ have all spurred along this trend at a rapid speed, with many adult clothing brands now expanding to childrenswear. Most kid’s clothing designs had, until recently, remained the same throughout the years with only colour palettes and minor design features changing from season to season. So there was undoubtedly a market for this ‘mummy-and-me’ trend.

This ‘mini-me’ trend has helped kidswear evolve into an industry of its own. What was once often ignored in the fashion world, is now fully embraced and marketed heavily to parents and kids of all demographics. While some people are still divided on this trend as they see it as kids dressing a little too ‘grown-up’, most designers do alter their designs so they are kid friendly with patterns, colours, and design features coordinating with their adult-sized counterparts.

Many high end design houses like Chloe and Gucci, have dedicated children’s lines with matchy-matchy outfits, however there are just as many more affordable options much closer to home. Cotton On, Best & Less, Seed Heritage, and Decjuba all bring out new ranges of mini-me outfits each season, and will use similar designs from their womenswear and adapt for their childrenswear.

The combination of social media, celebrities, and the increasing demand for stylish childrenswear has helped fuel the mini-me trend. What started out as luxury designers bringing out children’s lines, has trickled down to your department stores, with everything from pyjamas to swimwear, now available in family-friendly sizing.

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