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Taking It to The Streets

How streetwear has become the biggest trend for kids.

Kids' fashion has undoubtedly always followed the trends of adults. Whatever is trending in adult fashion doesn’t take long to trickle down to kidswear. Streetwear is no exception to this, with the trend having taken off exponentially in recent years. Streetwear is heavily influenced by celebrities and social media stars, many of whom are now having children of their own and dressing them in their own style. Streetwear is known for its relaxed fits, stretch and jersey fabrication, and being logocentric. All of these design elements translate to kidswear perfectly.

Streetwear originated in the ’90s hip-hop scenes concentrated in New York, Los Angeles, and Japan, with skaters, surfers, and rebels being the ones to pioneer the trends. Baggy, oversized fits, hoodies, logos, and sneakers are the prominent features of streetwear, with brands like Nike, Adidas, and Vans being popular for both adults and kids alike. In the past 5 years, streetwear has made the jump from a niche trend to high fashion, with every luxury designer from Givenchy to Louis Vuitton cashing in on this craze.

Streetwear also plays heavily into the popular ‘mini-me’ trend, with brands bringing out outfits for the whole family. Celebrities like the Kardashians are notorious for dressing their children in ‘streetwear-worthy’ outfits, with North West having entire Vogue articles written about her pint-sized fashion moments that match her mum’s style. As with anything that Hollywood’s most famous family does, others follow, and soon enough streetwear is the desired look for every influencer family.

Closer to home, brands like Culture Kings have brought out entire Junior ranges which include kid-sized streetwear from big brands like Puma and Reebok, as well as their own in-house label ‘Lil Homme’, making the streetwear trend even more accessible for kids.

Many of the major features of the streetwear trend are almost more appropriate for kids than adults! Baggy clothes allow children to wear and grow into their clothing, while relaxed, stretchy fabrics allow freedom of movement, perfect for kids to run around and play in.

As with other fashion trends we’ve seen post-pandemic, streetwear focuses on comfort first. Couple that with the demand for casual, stylish clothing that now taking the forefront of many designers' collections for both adult and kidswear alike, we think the streetwear trend is one that is here to stay!

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