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  • Natasha Mitchell

The Perfect Podium For Your Child’s Future

How Our Industry Builds Desirable Skills For Future Leaders

The children’s modelling and acting industries are well known to be a fast-paced and exciting world. From agency interviews to castings, and photoshoots to a film set, there is no doubt this exhilarating industry provides amazing opportunities for not only children hoping to pursue modelling and acting but also for children looking to gain more self-confidence in everyday life. These specific characteristics of the industry are usually what attracts parents and their young kids to embark on this journey. However, the most important platform this industry has to offer is one that often goes unnoticed - And that is the development and strengthening of highly sought-after interpersonal skills.

The role a child plays in the creative vision of a client’s brand is a hugely significant part of the creative process. The need for a child to take direction, remain present, establish a connection and be dependable are all skills this industry relies on to create a campaign that will reach a wide audience.

A child’s primary expectation is to take direction effectively whilst building a rapport with the photographer, videographer, other talent and numerous other creatives. This alone provides the talent with a perfect opportunity to strengthen and establish their interacting tactics so that they can form a social connection whilst also beginning to build a strong work ethic. The implantation of these interpersonal skills is what results in a successful campaign that connects with and influences the appropriate consumers.

Coming in a close second is dependability. Dependability, of course, is an absolute must in this industry. Often clients are subject to strict deadlines and time frames meaning that the children participating in the campaign must be punctual, switched on and focused throughout the entire process.

Last but not least, for this production to be successful, the talent must radiate a warm, friendly and enthusiastic nature. The ability to invoke emotion and connect with the public as well as exude a personality that others have thoroughly enjoyed working with is a trait that is highly sought after within any working industry today. This industry is the perfect podium for a child to confidently and enjoyably put these skills to the test.

The team is briefed, the wardrobe chosen and the set is ready for action. Smiles are shone, jokes are told, and endless giggles are had. The director declares, ‘That’s a wrap!’ as the shooting comes to a close and the talent leaves with a warm sense of accomplishment and achievement.

Whilst this picture paints a day full of fun and joy, what this picture does not depict is how this experience is a real-life learning curve for kids both socially and developmentally. As depicted by Rhys McKay in, ‘New Idea’, the world of modelling and acting is a ‘great opportunity to let your kids explore their talents in a receptive environment, it can help them learn discipline, and it’s a good way to make friends and socialise too.’. McKay further describes this industry as a fantastic environment for a parent to ‘harness that energy' by providing an outlet for their child’s vivacity.

Active listening, teamwork, a strong work ethic, dependability and responsibility are all attributes that children within this industry are implementing and developing every time they are on set. The benefits of these interpersonal skills are endless. They shape the talent and prepare them for a successful future. Those days on set are mostly seen as a monumental occasion, but the real benefit gained for the talent is an already recognised and proven skill set. Which is incredibly attractive and desirable to employers in today's workforce. The children’s modelling and talent industry delivers building blocks for today’s young models and actors to pursue, accomplish and deliver strong interpersonal skills no matter what their career path may be!

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