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Video Auditions: Our Tips to Help Your Child Ace Their Audition

As we all adjust to living in a post-pandemic world, we are seeing changes to the way we live our lives. The entertainment industry is not immune to these changes, and with restrictions across different states, many clients have had to change the way that they hold auditions.

Traditionally, auditions would be held in person and would often require parents to take time off work, and take their children out of school, to attend. Auditions would be held during business hours, and often at inner-city locations that might not be the easiest to get to.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, clients have turned to video auditions as a safe and convenient alternative. Video auditions allow parents and children to film the audition in their own time and in the comfort of their own home. Here are our best tips to help your child ace their first video audition.

Attention to Detail

Your agent will email or text you through all the details for your video audition. Make sure you read it through carefully and take note of the important information such as length of video audition, any scripts or lines that need to be rehearsed, how or where the video needs to be submitted, and deadlines. If anything is unclear or doesn’t make sense, contact your agent as soon as possible!

Quality is Key

Film your video audition in either natural light or a well lit room, and unless stated otherwise, always film in landscape (horizontally). Make sure your child looks neat and tidy, with their hair brushed and dressed in smart casual clothing. You want to impress the client over camera.

Practice Makes Perfect

Help your child rehearse their script or what they need to say, before you start filming their video audition. If they need to introduce themselves first, have them write out what they will say and practice, practice, practice. You can have as many goes as you want with a video audition, so keep going until it's perfect!

Early Bird Gets the Worm

For face-to-face auditions, we would always recommend arriving early, the video audition equivalent is submitting your audition on time! As with any technology, there is always the chance that something may go wrong in either the filming or submission of your video audition. Give yourself plenty of time to film and submit before the deadline rather than leave it til the last minute.

With the popularity of video auditions increasing amongst clients, your child’s first video audition most likely won't be their last.


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