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Winter Warmers.

The latest trends to keep your little ones chic and cosy this Winter.

As the weather cools down, the style heats up! Many of this past summer’s looks are being adapted for the new season with similar colour palettes and silhouettes. While summer was all about fresh pastels and pretty patterns, early trends are showcasing moodier tones and experimenting with texture.

With all the changes that we’ve seen in the world over the past 12 months, it's only natural that we’d see some of these changes in fashion as well. As we spend more time at home, there has been a shift to buying less but buying better. Parents are now looking to dress their children in quality, stylish clothing that will last rather than fast fashion that we’ve seen in previous years.

The post-COVID economy has shifted our focus towards supporting small businesses and quality craftsmanship. Sustainable fabrics, organic dyes, and natural fibres are growing increasingly popular across children’s and adult wear alike. Brands are moving towards becoming more environmentally friendly as consumers are looking to lead more sustainable lifestyles. This is reflected in not only the fabrics, but the textures, colour palettes, and designs as well.

One of the prominent trends coming through is the use of textures. Think velvet, corduroy, sequins and tulle. As always with children’s fashion, comfort and durability are key. We want our mini’s to dress to impress, whilst still feeling comfortable and ready to have fun in whatever they’re wearing. Designers are pairing sequins with denim; tulle with jersey; and keeping colours in the same shades which makes for a fun and fresh style.

Autumn/Winter’s on-trend colours will be deeper, earthier tones, but still a continuation from summer’s dreamy pastel palette. Rust, terracotta, and forest greens will feature for both boys and girls, while blush, peach, and cream will be popular for girls once again. Denim is coming through in lighter washes which pairs well with some of the warmer colours that we’re seeing.

Another trend we’re seeing popping up everywhere is mini me dressing. Retailers are jumping onboard the social media trend of matching family outfits and we are loving it! Kids love dressing up like mum and dad and there’s no better way to do it than dressing your little one in the pint-sized version of your outfit.

Children’s fashion should be fun and playful, while still offering function and comfort. This Autumn/Winter Season is the perfect time to experiment with different colours, textures, and designs when dressing your little one. Rules are made to be broken after all!


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