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10 Tips for Aspiring Models

Often when children express an interest in modelling, parents are unsure about whether to try it out. Modelling can be a fun and unique experience for children and is a great way to get involved in something creative and earn some money on the side (if you are successful!). Children of all ages, backgrounds and sizes are booking jobs each day with some of the most well-known brands. Some will end up pursuing modelling as a professional career while others may find it wasn’t right for them - no two journeys will be the same. This is why it is important for parents to do their homework and not rush to get their kids involved.

We’ve listed our top 10 tips to help parents with aspiring young models:

  • Be aware of the competition

The modelling industry can be extremely selective and competitive meaning your child may not always get picked for a job. Try not to let this discourage you or your child - it is just the nature of the industry.

  • Get a reputable modelling agent

A fairly obvious but very necessary step. Ask your questions and do your research to make sure you are signing up with a reputable child modelling agency. One indication is an agency’s client list.

  • Ask about what costs are involved

Be clear about any payments or upfront fees that may be requested at any stage, by the agency or anyone else before making any commitments.

  • Check what kind of photos you need to supply

Normally when you are seeking representation you need to submit photos of your child - these do not necessarily need to be professional photos, they can be taken on your mobile phone as long as they are good quality and meet the criteria. Ask the agency what they require before spending money unnecessarily on a professional shoot.

  • Keep in touch with your agency

Sometimes your agency may only email you to provide the necessary updates on your child’s shoot, casting, audition, or relevant news. Agencies don’t want to disrupt a parent’s day, however, you are welcome to reach out to them if you have any questions or need to clarify any details about a job or audition at any stage - in fact we recommend it!

  • Make sure your child is enjoying it

The most important thing about the industry is if your child enjoys it. Ask your children if they want to be involved no matter how young they are. Clients can see when a child loves being on set and when they don’t. They won’t want to work with a child who doesn’t want to be there so make sure it is their dream and not yours!

  • Manage expectations

Manage your child’s expectations and your own about the industry - there will be highs and lows. Be realistic about your expectations and be prepared to hear ‘no.’ Your child may be chosen for

lots of roles but it is always a matter of fitting the brief so never take rejection personally.

  • Learn the lingo

People in the entertainment industry often use a lot of terminology that you may not understand. You will come across a few in emails from your agency or on set so get your industry dictionary out and become familiar!

  • Build your portfolio

Portfolios are one of the most powerful tools for models at any age. Investing in a professional portfolio that showcases the best of your child will take you a long way.

  • Be flexible

Flexibility is a must. Call times, locations and requirements will vary depending on the shoot. It is also common for talent to receive shoot details the night before - so it is best to be prepared for anything.

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