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A Family Affair

When Aspire Magazine ran their Cover Star competition, the staff had no idea it would turn into a family affair. When we all chose Tanisha as our winner and the cover star of this very issue, we knew she was everything we needed for this cover. And after a gorgeous photoshoot, Tanisha claimed her prize. During this time, we learnt that Tanisha’s brother was another cover star of ours, Austin. So, we decided to sit down and chat with their mum, Nicole, to discuss all things child modelling, entering competitions and how both her kids managed to win a child talent competition.

How about you tell the readers a little about yourself and Tanisha?

Tanisha is a very creative soul, which I think comes from her father’s background. The kids are both creative and imaginative, but Tanisha loves drama, dance, playing guitar and singing. Tanisha gets her singing talent from her father, who originally comes from Bali.

So, what made you want to enter Tanisha in our cover star search?

My son, Austin, won the Face of Bettina competition in 2020, so I thought it would be nice to give Tanisha the same opportunity as he had. So, when I saw the competition, I thought it would be the perfect way to give her a chance. In addition, Aspire Magazine had chosen Austin as their front cover model in June 2021. It was an excellent experience for him, so I was hoping for the same outcome for Tanisha.

Did you think that Tanisha would win when you entered her in the Cover Star competition?

I didn’t think Tanisha would win. It was a huge surprise for both of us. I thought she might be too old to win because she was on the more senior side of the competition entry ages.

What expectations do you have now that Tanisha has won the competition and landed talent management as part of her prize?

Knowing now from my experience with Austin how the industry works, Tanisha and I have no expectations of what comes next. However, Tanisha is happy to see where this takes her and wants to enjoy the process.

We know Austin has had previous experience with the industry, but have you or Tanisha previously been a part of the entertainment industry?

Neither of us has been part of the entertainment industry before. However, as mentioned, I have learnt a lot about the industry through Austin’s experience, which has been a great experience with Bettina Management.

What is your knowledge of the entertainment industry and the realities of the industry?

Since Austin won the Face of Bettina competition in 2020, we have learnt the realities of the industry fast. There are no guarantees. You can receive many auditions though this doesn’t always lead to getting the job. It would be best if you went into this with patience and a positive attitude. Have a conversation with your child about how the industry works, so they don’t feel let down when they don’t get a particular job. We make the whole audition process lots of fun, building his confidence over time. We would do the same with Tanisha.

What would you say to parents who want to enter their children in similar talent/ model searches?

I would definitely encourage it. It’s been a lot of fun. Tanisha absolutely loved doing the photo shoot and getting her makeup done. It can build your child’s confidence and also grow their life skills in many ways.

What would Tanisha’s dream role or job to land be?

Tanisha would love to play a role in a series or be a regular model for a brand. This way, she could get an excellent experience that wasn’t just a one-time opportunity.

Would you enter another talent search if the opportunity arose?

Given that I have entered my two children in competitions, and they have both won, I would definitely enter them in a talent search if the opportunity arose again. We have had a great experience both times, and both Tanisha and Austin have had lots of fun along the way.

Lastly, tell us a little about what you hope to get out of Tanisha winning the cover star search?

Ultimately, I just want Tanisha to have fun and grow her experience within the industry. Fingers crossed, she gets some opportunities along the way that can help build her a career within the industry.

We want to thank Nicole for chatting with us. It was great to hear her thoughts on the industry, and another big congratulations to Tanisha for winning our cover star competition.

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