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What Are Fit Models & Why Are They Needed?

The modelling world is a fast-paced, unforgiving and remarkable industry to be a part of. When looking specifically at the children’s modelling industry, it is definitely just as fast-paced but not as unforgiving. However, while most kids aren’t strutting the catwalk at Paris Fashion Week, there are still plenty of jobs that transpire through both areas.

One of the jobs that is required across both the adult and children’s modelling industries, is a fit model. Unless you are well versed in the modelling world or are familiar with the other side of creating garments, then you’ve probably never heard of a fit model.

So, what is a fit model and what exactly do they do?

A fit model is basically a living mannequin. Generally, a fit model is a child who tries on clothing for fashion designers, or clothing brands.

Fit models must meet very specific height bust-waist-hip, arm, leg, and other measurement requirements. This is so that the designers can check the overall fit and drape of the fabric so that it is perfect by the time it reaches the racks of our favourite stories. The specific measurements needed will be different for every brand and clothing line, as the age and size demographic for each will be distinctive to match that specific brand specs. This is why different brands of the same size can result in different fits.

Any child that is selected to be a fit model will see that the job is simple and mainly requires them to stand still while the designers and other company representatives discuss the fit of the clothing item. They may also need to move around, sit, stretch and bend to see where the design needs to be amended. It is not uncommon to have up to four fittings for the same item, to ensure it is perfect before bulk orders are placed. They do get paid for their time of course, but it doesn’t involve a photoshoot, and it is likely they won’t also be a part of the related campaign.

This is nothing personal to your child if they aren’t selected to participate in the associated campaign or photoshoot for the clothing lines they are trying on. In fact, often brands haven’t even started casting models for campaigns when the line is still in the fit model stages.

If your child is selected to be a fit model, it is important that you explain to them exactly what the job entails, so that their expectations meet reality. The modelling world isn’t all glitz and glamour, and this is a good example of that.

Fit modelling is still a great experience for any child, where they can learn skills that they can use at future auditions or jobs, such as interacting and working within a new environment with people they have never met before. Once brands find a fit model, they will often use them multiple times, so it is normally a repeat job, which is great for the child. It is still a great achievement for anyone in the industry and should be taken with pride just like any other opportunity your child might come across.

Fit models are an important part of the fashion cycle that is often not mentioned. However, many adults actually build careers out of becoming professional fit models for brands, and just like any other job in the industry it requires patience and persistence.

If your child is lucky enough to be selected as a fit model, make sure you manage their expectations, but allow them to soak up a great opportunity, as in this industry, any opportunity is a good one.

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