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Back on Ramsey St

Last year the cancellation of our beloved ‘Neighbours’ took the entire nation by surprise. Australia’s longest running soap opera was set to end production in June 2022 which meant lots of talented cast and crew would lose their jobs. The news also came to the dismay of the huge fanbase who turned to the show for entertainment every week for many years.

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If we can be sure of anything, it’s that our industry is extremely unpredictable and ever-changing. No better example could be used than the shock news that Neighbours will be returning to our screens in mid-2023. Amazon will revive the ​​Erinsborough we love and remember, with fresh twists and surprises. Some of our favourite characters will make a comeback, while others will make guest appearances, promising lots of love, laughs and adventures.

Neighbours aired its first episode in March 1985 and never looked back. With over eight thousand episodes to date, the iconic series explored the lives, relationships and challenges of the residents in Ramsay Street and took us on a long but eventful journey. The show has been backed by many talented writers, editors, directors and crew members who carried the show through its decades of life.

Neighbours was home to some of the world’s biggest stars including Margot Robbie, Russell Crowe, Guy Pearce, Kylie Minogue and the Hemsworth brothers to name a few. While some of these celebrities only graced the show for a brief period, others spent years of their lives as part of the on-screen family.

The show has also been a launchpad for numerous talented individuals behind the scenes. who helped keep the show alive. From camera operators to sound engineers, makeup artists to costume designers, and everyone in between, these unsung heroes have contributed to the magic of Neighbours and helped to make it the iconic show it is today.

The revival of Neighbours means more opportunities will be brought back for aspiring actors and industry professionals. The Casting Department has started holding virtual auditions in search of new faces to appear in Erinsborough. The show’s production company, Fremantle Media, has wasted no time in taking action. They are offering a training program for young people looking to make a start in their film and television career in a number of departments. This is a valuable opportunity that doesn’t always come along so if you’re interested, don’t hesitate to apply!

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