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Dressed to Chill

It’s that time of year once again when the breeze gets cooler, and the trees begin to change colour. So, we all know that it won’t be long until winter is here. Even though in most Australian capital cities, winters are quite mild compared to other countries across the world, we still embrace the chilly mornings and cool days.

One of the most exciting things about the change in season is the change in fashion, especially for your little ones. So, let’s look at the Winter trends that are coming our way this year.

Jade Green

As nature changes around us, we can feel the energy of the colours changing as well. The leading colour of the upcoming winter season is looking to be Jade green. Jade acts as a balancer and tranquillizer for any winter outfit. Since the colour resonates with nature, it is the perfect colour for seasonal transitions and is beginning to show up in A/W collections across the board.


Minimalist styles and outfits have been seen prominently throughout adult fashion over the last few seasons. However, this trend is now making its way into kid’s fashion. Neutral, one-toned outfits are seemingly top of the ranks this winter. These styles are elevating kids’ fashion, and putting them in line with many adults’ styles, meaning mini-me outfits are also prominent once again.

Textured & Natural Materials

In accordance with current fashion, kids are sharing trends with adults. So in line with that 2022 is giving preferences to textured and natural materials, including velvet, velour, denim and linen. These materials are what tie together the trends this winter that all relate back to nature as inspiration. These fabrics are all fashionable and timeless that may continue through Autumn/Winter trends for years to come.

As retailers begin to release all of their Autumn/Winter collections you will see these trends come to life across kids’ collections. You can keep your little one chic and cosy this winter, with function and comfort at the forefront of upcoming trends. These fabrics and styles allow for movement and play while still keeping up with the newest styles, colours and fabrics.

More trends will become apparent as the colder weather rolls around and we will get further insight into what patterns and styles will be most popular and most prominent this year. Keep an eye out so you can update your little one's wardrobe as the seasons change.

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