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Setting Them Up For Success

Anyone interested in modelling or acting will be told how competitive the industry can be and to expect rejection. Although there are no guarantees of finding work, there are definitely steps that parents can take to put their child in a position where they’re ready to take on any opportunity presented to them. We have broken these down for you -

Confidence-building - There are a number of ways you can build a child’s confidence and grow their self-esteem:

  • Practise positive self-talk with them and encourage them to express their feelings

  • Encourage them to try a theatre class

  • Resist comparing them to others - they are unique and special in their own way

  • Let them make age-appropriate choices - start small and give two options e.g choosing what sport to play or what clothes to wear.

  • Encourage them to try new things to develop new skills - such as singing, dancing, sport, music etc.

  • Help them overcome the fear of failure - failing is better than not trying at all. They should be able to take on board rejection as constructive feedback which will help them next time

Special Skills - Although confidence is key, it is also worth encouraging your child to develop a new skill. Getting your child involved in any of these is simple:

  • Encourage them to get involved in a form of physical activity they enjoy. If they’re interested in a sport such as Tennis for example, you can look for some Tennis classes in your area or register your child in a club where they can train consistently.

  • If they want to pursue theatre, there are many great community theatre groups or companies that put on shows regularly. You should also encourage your child to participate in school productions and drama classes.

  • If they’d prefer to take up a musical instrument, school is a great place to start. children can explore different families of instruments through classes that their school offers. When they find one they really love - you can sign them up for private lessons if your child’s school offers as an extracurricular activity or through an external music teacher. This is actually a great one as it is quite common for clients to request children that play a musical instrument - guitar, piano and drums tend to be the most sought after.

Lead by example - Remember, children tend to mimic what you do so make sure you are always setting a good example for them - especially when they will be around a lot of unfamiliar people, particularly adults, once they enter the industry.

  • Allowing them to watch or be involved in positive interactions with adults will teach them great communication skills for when they stand in front of a casting director or creative team. The way your child speaks, behaves and listens will not go unnoticed in the audition room.

  • Encourage them to keep trying: practice makes perfect and this will help them when it comes to memorising and delivering lines.

  • Don’t let them quit easily - let them see a task from start to finish

  • Allow them to make mistakes—and then learn from them

The main takeaway is to help your child to be as well-rounded as possible. Put their education first, encourage them to take up a sport or musical instrument, and most importantly encourage them to make friends. Manners, confidence and having a specific skill will go a long way in your child’s career.

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