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Stylists On Set: Tips From An Industry Professional

Have you ever wondered what it’s like working with kids as a stylist on set? Well, we were lucky enough to find out. Emily is a stylist and creative director who has worked with some of Australia’s biggest kid’s brands like Betts Kids and Target. We got to chat with her about life on set and her tips and tricks for the industry.

What are the top 5 things stylists look for in clothing?

Firstly, I always look for well-made, quality clothing. I know it can be tempting to buy fast fashion, especially for kids. Still, good-quality clothing can last a lifetime. Other essentials we stylists look for in clothing are bright, beautiful colours, natural fabrics like cotton, linen, and wool, and lastly, pieces you love. Stylists preach to anyone and everyone that you need to love the pieces you or your child are wearing.

How do you choose the outfits and put them together for a commercial shoot?

We choose outfits based on what the client or brand is after! For example, suppose we are working with a clothing label. In that case, we will select outfits from their range that we are showcasing, or if it’s a lifestyle brand, we will get in touch with clothing labels and brands we’ve worked with before to source outfits. Clients will always provide a brief of the shoot, including what the campaign is for, a mood board, and any other important information.

Do all babies look good in headbands?

This might be a controversial opinion, but I prefer bubs with nothing on their heads! Unless it’s for a label or brand that features a lot of headwear, I usually avoid covering baby’s heads with oversized headbands. It can be a bit distracting on camera, and often babies want to pull them off before the photographer even has the chance to take a photo. But each to their own!

What are your top tips for parents when dressing kids?

Have fun! Kids are only kids for so long, so don’t be afraid to have fun with colours, patterns, and trends. It’s crucial to nurture their creativity from a young age so let them choose what they want to wear. And don’t say no if they’re going to wear their favourite superhero costume!

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