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Who Could Say No To That?

When the De Carlo family signed their daughter up to a talent agency in 2018, they had no idea what was to come. Not just for their daughter, but for their entire family. After almost a year, they finally got the call that their whole family has been selected for a once in a lifetime opportunity. The De Carlo’s were chosen to shoot a series of commercial videos for Northern Territory Tourism, specifically for Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. This included an all-expenses paid, 5-day trip to the Northern Territory, and every member of the family, plus a chaperone, would be paid for the time they were shooting. The family couldn’t believe that they had been chosen for such an incredible opportunity and were so elated when they received the news. A month after they received the good news, they were flown off to Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park for the adventure of a lifetime. And so, the beautiful family of four then got to spend five days wandering through the national park, filming and participating in a range of activities particularly suited to families who might wish to visit Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. The family got to take part in bushwalking and bike-riding all while being filmed. Northern Territory Tourism also made sure that while the De Carlo’s were in NT, they were immersed in the beautiful Indigenous culture, got to know the locals, and participated in many activities that allowed them to learn and discover more about the history of Australia’s indigenous population. The De Carlo family re-counted the trip as an ‘amazing cultural experience’. From learning about traditional medicines to the traditional indigenous language, they got to partake in an eye-opening experience, on top of everything else. They collectively agreed that one of their favourite activities was being shown how to make, and then creating their own, traditional dot paintings. They were also allowed to take their paintings back home with them, as a lovely memory of their time in the Northern Territory. Ava and Masen, both described their time away as amazing, fantastic, and fabulous; incredibly positive reviews from the kids all around. Besides the fact that they got given a free holiday and were paid to attend, the family saw the experience as an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime adventure and would return to the national park in a heartbeat. Mum, Marisa, described the experience as "amazing from the second they got off the plane", and she couldn’t believe how lucky they were to have had this opportunity. When signing their daughter up to a talent agency, they really didn’t expect that this would be the eventual outcome. Even though they were technically working throughout the experience, if you are going to work, you may as well do it on a holiday. It is no secret that there can be some pretty serious perks of working in the entertainment industry and this is definitely one of them.

The De Carlo's are one of the lucky families each year who get to work together. In the entertainment industry, many companies and businesses will much prefer a real family compared to a ‘family’ made up of look-alike parents and kids. Opportunities like this provide amazing memories for families are an incredible experience for the children.

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