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Why Are Families The New Industry Must-Have?

The use of real families in advertising and entertainment is absolutely invaluable. It is extremely difficult for hired actors to imitate the real relationship between family members. If a few strangers show up on set for a television set and are asked to play a close-knit family, it is often difficult to replicate the genuine warmth and closeness between real family members. A real father and son will always appear more realistic and believable than two actors playing a father and son. Young kids may not feel extremely comfortable or confident interacting in such close confines with a stranger. However, replace that stranger with Mum or Dad, and you’ve got some absolutely priceless and authentic footage. It makes it easier for everyone to be comfortable and confident, providing kids with a sense of security that Mum or Dad is in front of the camera with them. Interacting with their family on set is an incredibly rewarding and enjoyable experience for kids, parents, and other family members. Not only does everyone get to enjoy the incredible experience, but they also get paid and will be able to look back fondly on those memories in the future. The Camilleri family work together in the talent industry; parents Nigel and Victoria love watching their kids, son Charlie and daughter Chloe, grow as people and learn to interact with others on set. “It’s like living a secret life, because people are filming you and you are pretending that you don’t know they are” says Chloe. “My favourite thing about being on set is when I get to meet new people,” says son Charlie. They relish working with each other, as it gives them “the opportunity to spend some time together doing something a little bit different and a little bit unique,” mum Victoria says. “We often spend a lot of time supporting each other’s individual pursuits but being on a shoot and doing this kind of thing is an opportunity for us to do it together and enjoy that.” Working with your family in the talent industry can lead to some incredible opportunities. You can meet amazing people, learn wonderful things and see new places. The Tobias family got to visit Werribee Open Range Zoo for a job! Parents Sophie and Liam loved sharing the experience with their kids Jakai, Amahli and Indie, and said it was amazing to be watching them grow and interact with others. Jakai had a blast filming for the Zoo with his parents and sisters, saying, “the best part was being able to see the animals; laughing and just having a good time with my family!” Working with your family on shoots and advertising means you might even get the chance to land an all-expenses-paid holiday to a far-away destination! Families in the talent industry can sometimes book jobs requiring them to shoot on location in tourism hotspots. Imagine being paid to visit places like the Northern Territory or Fiji. The use of families in advertisements also makes filming and production much easier for clients, as well as other members of the crew such as photographers and production assistants. Not only will the talent be more comfortable and open to direction, clients often have to work hard to match individual talent to appear as though they are related. Instead of trawling through pages of headshots, trying to match up talent’s appearances, real families usually have a beautiful, natural resemblance to one another, easing the workload for clients and making family selection easier. Due to the current situation of the world, families in the talent industry are becoming more and more popular. This is due to the fact that they are usually from the same household and are therefore allowed to be in close contact with each other. Not only does this allow sets to be compliant with all relevant regulations, it also makes the jobs of the crew members much easier. The popularity of families in the talent industry is still skyrocketing. In these current times, spending lots of time with your family is the norm. You never know, you might just land a job with your family and end up on a billboard or advertisement somewhere!

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